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Buy car insurance online on favorable terms! Electronic CTP, CASCO, Green Card and other products.

The situation on the road is never predictable. Even if you have been driving a car for a long time and doing its job perfectly, you cannot be sure of your safety, because other road users and pedestrians, bad weather conditions, poor quality road surface and many other factors can cause an accident.

By making an insurance contract for your car under one of the IShONCh Insurance programs, you will minimize the risks associated with using a personal car.


This policy will allow you to repair the car or receive compensation in the event of its death. Car insurance is carried out at the risk of "Theft" and "Damage." At the same time, you can choose additional options (extension of civil liability limits, accident insurance, emergency commissioner services, etc.).


This auto insurance policy is required by law to be owned by every owner of a personal vehicle. It is intended to compensate for damage that was caused to the health, life and property of third parties in an accident that occurred through your fault. The size of insurance compensation under OSAGO is limited to 40 000 000 sums for each victim.

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You can obtain car insurance in a way convenient for you.
To order a policy online, simply select the insurance program suitable for you, read its terms and conditions, fill in your personal data, VIN number and PTS number of the car, as well as other necessary information. Pay for insurance online in any way convenient for you. Your policy will be sent to the specified email address.
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