Travel Insurance

You can buy a policy for obtaining a visa and going abroad in just 5 minutes. Policy delivery by e-mail. Accepted by all embassies.
Travel Insurance
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Travel Insurance in Uzbekistan
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Travel Insurance

Going on vacation to another city or country, everyone hopes for vivid impressions, interesting meetings and positive emotions. But on the road, tourists can also be in trouble, avoiding the occurrence of which is not always possible even with the most careful preparation for the trip. Travel insurance allows you to minimize the risks associated with long trips..

Travel insurance allows you to protect yourself from wasting time, nerves and money in a foreign country in case of injury or illness, loss of luggage or documents, as well as in other situations when you need help. Travel insurance will give you the opportunity to feel confident in any trip, and also come in handy for obtaining a visa. You can conclude an insurance contract for tourists traveling abroad in just a few minutes with delivery of the policy by e-mail.

Our travel insurance is accepted by embassies of all countries..

How to buy a travel insurance policy?

You can apply for travel insurance (from loss of personal belongings, travel expenses and other risks) in one of the following ways.

We offer you to buy travel insurance online

Simply select the appropriate travel insurance program for tourists abroad, fill in the necessary data, make a payment in a convenient way for you and receive a policy and related documents to your e-mail.

In our branch

Contact our specialists in the office of IShONCh

They will help you with the selection of the necessary insurance (medical insurance, not to leave the place, loss of luggage, etc.), calculate the cost of the policy and conclude an agreement with you on the most favorable terms for you.

What do we cover?

outpatient and inpatient (emergency surgery only) treatment;

emergency dental care;

Taking back unattended minor children;

medical evacuation;

search and rescue activities;

purchase of medicines prescribed by a doctor.

What to do if an insured event occurs
If the policy is executed and an insured event occurs, the victim or his relatives should act clearly and quickly. Not only the life of the victim and the speed of medical care, but also the ability of the insurer to fulfill its obligations depends on this.
When an insured event occurs
  • 1
    сcontact the Assistance service by phone or other means of communication specified in the insurance policy;
  • 2
    if necessary, a doctor or ambulance can be sent to your hotel;
  • 3
    if it is not possible to call the Assistance Service before sending it to the clinic, do it as soon as possible. It is necessary to report the incident to the Assistance Service before paying bills / expenses and present the policy to medical personnel;
  • 4
    Failed to contact Assistance? You can pay the costs yourself. In this case, upon arrival in Uzbekistan, upon presentation of the relevant documents, the Company will reimburse all treatment expenses (payment will be made in soums at the state rate established by the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan).
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